Bridge the gap...

Our ambition is to rigorously interrogate our proposition - that there is a gap for new writing in the North West.  Does it exist?  If so, what is it?  How might it be addressed?  We will look at different models and try them out – should it be one dedicated venue, a series of pop up venues, a residency at an existing venue or something else entirely?

... through creative experiments

We want to do this thoroughly and creatively.  When we test out models we aim to do it through commissions and productions.  We want to become the place where audiences know that they can go for for quality new plays, and a place where writers and artists take their most ambitious and exciting new work, knowing they will be supported and nurtured.

The Conversation is already underway

We are currently talking to writers, theatre companies, producers, venues and many other stakeholders to find out the needs, challenges and most of the all the opportunities in this gap.

To find out more, or to participate, visit our research page.